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Superman's Other Pals

Oct 4, 2019

Gary and Ella Plum take a look at "Jimmy Olsen's Magic Gloves," "The Wedding of Magi and Sandra" and "The Unbeatable Jimmy Olsen." Plus - JFK PSA, slot cars and MORE!!

Sep 26, 2019

Gary and Ella Plum deep dive into "The Ransom of Superman," "The Demons from Pandora's Box" and "Jimmy's Indian Super-Pal" - Plus! The Far Side returns, How much static electricity is too much and MORE!!

Sep 19, 2019

Special Guest, Will Hines, Ella Plum and Gary look into "Jimmy Olsen, the Bizarro Boy," "Exiled on the Bizarro World" and "Jimmy Olsen's Double Trouble" - Plus Bizarro logic, Is Bizarro the greatest sketch comedian of all time? and MORE!!

Sep 6, 2019

Gary and Ella Plum check out, "Jimmy's Forgotten Girlfriend," "The Menace of Insect Land" and "The Red-Headed Beatle of 1000 B.C.!" - Plus Ringo is the best Beatle? Biblical superheroes and MORE!!